Jenny Fresh

Last night’s dream was all to do with the wrestling at Conwy County Wrestling, which Mike’s brother owns.​

Mike was trying to get me to be a manager and in the end I agreed to do it. I was managing a wrestler called AJ Hughes (who is, in real life, a wrestler at CCW). His first match under my management was against a female wrestler called Jenny Fresh (that wasn’t actually her name, but when I tried to remember it in the morning that was the closest I could get).

To help him, I brought on a tiny toy ladder. Mike came out to try and steal the ladder and brought a wrestler he manages, G Force, with him. I hit G Force over the head with the tiny ladder and he pushed me back out of the ring. I couldn’t see what was going on in the ring so I had to keep jumping up and down. In the end I just left and told Mike I wasn’t cut out for being a manager.

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