Johnny Rotten’s fake solo

I was at a Christmas fair with mom. We went into a hall where a band playing their new song. The lead singer was a guy playing a ukulele, there was another guy who was playing a ukulele with a spatula, a man on a banjolele, a tea chest bass and, finally, Johnny Rotten on guitar.

As they were playing, Johnny put his guitar own and his solo played over the speakers while he wasn’t holding it. Mom got up to leave and on her way out she asked the band why they didn’t play their own instruments. Johnny stormed up to her and stood close, looking angry. I stepped in and told him, “She’s old and she’s forgotten half way through what she was arguing about but she’s still talking.”

We left and when we arrived home, my brother Lee was there, but he was pregnant. My friend’s brother, Will, was also there. We all sat in the living room and they commentated as I designed a logo for work. I was trying out different handwritten fonts for the word ‘Bingo!’. 

Later I was playing a keyboard, composing a song for someone’s honeymoon. I’d found a setting where I could play and each time I pressed a key, an AI voice sang a random word in that pitch, so I was able to compose the melody and lyrics at the same time.

There was also another bit where I’d created a Facebook page for the Australian singer/songwriter Lenka. She emailed me to tell me she’d seen it, liked it and wanted to use it as her official Facebook page. She just had a few changes to the name and photos, which I did.