Karate toilets

I was at home getting ready to go to karate. I had the TV on and saw on the news that Boris Johnson was being interviewed in what looked like the leisure centre we go to for karate. At first I thought it was the same hall as our dojo, but it looked quite different.

Mom and I went to the karate course and got there pretty early. One of the students was asking Sensei Roger something. Roger replied that he would demonstrate on Dave and Dave would demonstrate on Paul.

I needed the toilet, but when I left the dojo I found the whole leisure centre had been rebuilt and redesigned. It was much more modern and slick, with brighter colours on the walls. I wandered around looking for the toilets, but I couldn’t see any signs or navigation. I saw a blonde girl in a karate gi (though with no belt) looking lost too, so I asked if she was looking for the toilets too. She said she was.

We both walked around and chatted while we looked for the toilets. I saw some, but they were part of the changing rooms and we didn’t want to go in there. The signs were white with an outlined minimal drawing of a person, so it didn’t exactly stand out.z

She then had an idea. We went up to the reception desk and, rather than ask where the toilets were, she asked about something maids and carers. We then went back down the corridor and I spotted the mens toilets. She had already seen it and this was her plan.

She took my hand and led me inside. I then realised she was going to pose as my career so she could use the gents. When we got inside, there was only one urinal and two cubicles that were open plan. There was a couple having sex in one cubicle and a man humping the urinal in the other.

It was very awkward, but I just used the free urinal and noticed the girl left.