Kata To Music

Had a dream last night where I was at karate doing a kata with a number of other people. However, we all kept doing it wrong so we had a break. During the break, I saw a guy called Ryan who said he was talking to my friend Laura on Skype. After the break, they decided it might work better if we did the kata to music. It did.

After karate, we all went to see a hockey match, but when we got there the stadium was being taken away by repo men so we had to leave.

I decided instead to go to a comic con. It was towards the end of the day, but there was a talk on I wanted to see. Everyone in the audience was standing up and the guest star was announcing all their names.

Mak was there, but he wandered off after a bit. I talked to a woman and wrote my number on a book she had. We talked a bit about photography and I showed her some photos I’d taken during a shoot with Lego sets that were particularly well lit. As we left, I stole a grey Lego piece from one of the stands, but I immediately felt bad and gave it back without them noticing.

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