Le Sazia

Had a dream last night. I was on holiday, in Austria I think, with Mike and my mother. We were staying at a hotel called Le Sazia. On our way home from a coach excursion, we were informed that there was going to be an avalanche and our hotel was one that was going to be hit. So we packed up and left.

Someone else who was at the hotel was a super villain. He left on a speedboat, taking a couple of hostages with him. He asked the female hostage to fix something, but when she didn’t know how he shot her.

Meanwhile back at home, I was running late for karate, but then I realised I was going to Tesco instead of the Leisure Centre. So I ran back and saw Paul (from karate) on the way, so he gave me a lift. But there were some old ladies who had set up some traffic diversions on Dovedale Road. They were stopping cars to hand out leaflets about voting for Gary in the next election. The woman said to me “I don’t really need to give you one do I Ben.” After they let us carry on, but when we got to the next diversion, I noticed we’d left the car back there and were now just moving along on two school chairs.

Back in Austria, the villain had made it to another hotel where all the others happened to be relocating to. When they heard about what he’d done, one man killed the villain. The others offered him the role of superhero and he accepted.

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