Lee Mack and the superheroes

At a meal. Gush sat next to me. Young girl and her family came. She said I looked ready to adopt. I said “I am. We’re adopting you, didn’t your mom tell you? Only joking.”

We all had flutes and I tried to play the Harry Potter theme on mine but couldn’t.

I was eating a pot noodle. Gush said or did a couple of things that annoyed me. Then later he said “Do you want to see the cabbage?” and picked up my pot noodle, which he thought was empty, and poured it on my head. I snapped and shouted at him and told him to just shut up and stop messing about. He looked genuinely upset, but I was still mad.

Later, I was living with Lee Mack and Gwen Stacey (from Marvel comics) called in, asking him to give a talk to superhero group. She took me to her house, and we had to climb through the back of the car. I thought that would lead into the house, but the car pulled off and we started driving. I was captain America. In the car, Wild Dog showing me his gear. I said it was very good and I wish I had my gear with me, meaning I wanted to join in, but he thought I meant so I could show off how much better it was.

Someone also said, “Before we start, is there any sexual tension in the group? … yep. It seems like you’ve got intelligence for every area covered, and there’s no intelligence here! Bit of banter to start.”