Lee’s van and a Doctor Who scarf

We were visiting Lee in his new house in the country and he took me and Zeta for a ride in his van.

Then it was inside the TARDIS, which had shut down as an emergency protocol due to Missy being inside. The Doctor and Clara were trying to find her and eventually got the TARDIS keys off her. The Doctor threw them to Clara, who caught them but fell out of the TARDIS. She wasn’t too worried because she knew the Doctor would materialise the TARDIS around her as she fell… Only he didn’t. She landed in the sea.

Meanwhile on shore, a new range of Doctor Who t-shirts had been announced and straight after Lee called Mother to tell her he’s got me a present, so we both knew it was a t-shirt. I had a look around the beachside Forbidden Planet and saw they had a new 19″ Fourth Doctor scarf. I wanted it, but thought mother would disapprove. Surprisingly she didn’t and encouraged me to try it on. I did and for some reason it was shorter than the 13″ one. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, so I asked for an opinion off the sales assistant and Ingrid Oliver – who plays Osgood and just happened to be there. Ingrid said she preferred the shorter one. In the end I bought it.

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