Lego and Squid

I was in school and we were making and remaking clay sculptures. I made a couple of things, but I spent so long making them that I didn’t have time to paint them.

The next class was lego building. The room had loads of Lego. I got a tray full and sat down to build. I looked through a magazine to get some ideas, but it didn’t really show you what bricks you needed. It showed you the model built and then deconstructed, so you had to work it out. Three older guys walked past and took all my Lego. I pointed out there was loads of Lego in my room, so they didn’t need to take mine. They wouldn’t give it back and I looked like I could take one of them – who was played by Tobey Maguire in my dream. So I grabbed him, put him in a lock and swept him down onto the floor. I knelt on him and pinned him down. I told him angrily to give back my Lego. He gave me some, but I knew he had more, so I made him empty his pockets. He did and there were a few figures. I let him go and just hoped the other two wouldn’t fight me. After that, it was a pretty boring class. I had my headphones in and didn’t see everyone leave at the end. The teacher tapped me and said it was time to go.

I went downstairs and met Mike outside. We’d been going to lunch together at lunch times, either to the canteen or walking out to a nearby shop, so I assumed we were doing the same today. But his mom gave us a lift in her car. I thought she was taking us to a shop, but Mike said we were going back to his house. I wasn’t chuffed by that plan, as we only had an hour and Mike’s house was miles away – we had to go on the motorway. But he said I could have some squid if I liked, as that’s what they were having. I declined, as I’m not keen on squid. I was really tired, so I shut my eyes, but Mike kept trying to wake me. I told him to just let me sleep till we got there. I put my headphones in and shut my eyes. The car stopped at some lights and we were outside a shop called EMT, which Mike pointed out was similar to a shop called EMP that I’ve shopped at in real life. I heard the sat nav woman say the shop name through my headphones, so I responded to Mike and said I knew.

Later, I told Mike about some dreams I’d had. In one, I’d made a logo for my old friend from college, Raheel. The logo was a small man and then curved lines coming off it that was kind of in the shape of a shoe. It was white on a red background. Mike asked how I’d come up with it and I said “Well actually, I put a bounty out on Raheel and set up some paths for him to follow in the park.” It then cut to me laying out some rope in the curved lines from the logo. I ran off and watched from a distance as Raheel followed the lines and a group of people walked after him. I walked off further away up a hill so I didn’t get spotted, but a couple of women followed me. I think they thought I had a bounty on my head too. Eventually I stopped and turned round to address them. I told them I wasn’t Raheel and pointed out that I’d drawn Raheel as a girl with a ponytail on the poster, even though he was a guy with short hair. We had a little chat and then I carried on walking.