London Art

I had a weird dream. Mike, Josh and I were in London. And we were doing some big art project. And we had to make a fence with panels that rotated but we could take off and change. So we were working on that. I built a prototype that was really good and then Elsie from college came in with a life size working prototype, so they went with that one.

Then we were in an ‘arty’ coffee shop. Like it had art stuff in it. And Josh had been to ‘the roof’ and bought a book on Aspergers. And while he was up there he’d made some new friends. And he went off to the other side of the cafe with them. And after a while he came over and said something like “They’re great aren’t they.” And I said “Yeah, proper tosspots.” And he got annoyed and I started shouting insults at him and his new friends. And he said “I can’t believe you. Going on about my book. I read your book and it was actually very funny.” And went off to his friends again.

So then Mike and I went off and bought a train ticket from a coach station. Then I felt really bad (not cos of buying the tickets, cos of earlier) so we went back to the cafe and I apologised to Josh and his friends. “I just wanted to say I apologise for how I acted earlier, it was really bad and it won’t happen again.” And Josh said it was okay and his friends said “Thanks. Okay then, you’re in.” So as a joke I said “Are you sure? It’s not too late to reconsider? I mean I’m a terrible cook.” And Josh laughed but one of his friends – a girl with purple streaks in her hair and a pierced lip – said “Nah, it’s bland now.” As in I wasn’t being funny anymore.

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