Lunch with Elton

I had a dream last night in which I was having lunch with Elton John. Apparently I was looking for a musician to help produce and promote a song I’d written. My friend Gush was also there with his mother.

We greeted each other, sat down and ordered. We were quite hungry, but we just had drinks and cake. He had a cheesecake.

He asked me a bit about the song and I told him what it was called, what it was about and what key it was in. Sadly I can’t remember what any of those details actually were.

He then asked how much I’d put into it. I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I said “Hundreds of pounds and months of work.”

At one point, he went to take a sip of wine and spilt it on his shirt. Luckily he had a white collarless shirt under the red collarless shirt he was wearing, so he just took the red one off.

After a while, I went to the toilet and when I came back we’d been moved outside into the garden area, all sat on a line of white, plastic garden chairs instead of round a table. We ordered some more drinks and I sat next to Elton to have a chat. He looked pretty worn out, like he was about to turn grumpy at any moment. I tried to think of something interesting to ask, but all I came up with was what music he liked. He listed a bunch of styles that I’d never heard of. The only one I remember was v-cog.

It was then Elton’s turn to go to the toilet. When he left, I moved to sit next to Gush’s Mother. She had a go at me for not telling Elton about my mother or my nephew, Max. I tried to find a video on my phone of Max playing the piano to show Elton when he got back, but I woke up before I found one.

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