The dream started with me and mom going to find her sister. We found the right road, but couldn’t find the right house number. We went and had some lunch and then went back out. We asked someone in a shop and they told us where it was.

We went inside and mom’s sister was there. They don’t get on in real life at all. Mom reluctantly spoke to her and after a while they were reminiscing about better times when they were young.

Later, I was in school. I had to stay behind because I hadn’t done some homework for music. The headmistress wrote MUSIC on the board and put what it stood for, but she missed the S out. It was something like Messed Up In Class.

She left and I corrected it by adding something for the S. The teacher, who was quite a friendly woman, and I then spent the lesson writing out a phrase and then trying to think of what it could stand for. We got most of the way through it. I kept nibbling on my pencil and at one point had to go to the bin to spit out lots of bits of wood in my mouth. I burped and was almost sick, which woke me up.

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