Make it wonderful!

Had a dream last night but I only remember the last few bits.

I was at my house with Gush and his boss. Gush was writing love poems for her and kept reading them out to her, but she didn’t pick up on the fact that he meant them for her, she just thought he’d written them for general use. I could tell and smiled to myself as I drew lots of doodles of floppy disks.

As he continued to read out these poems, I went on my phone and noticed a guy had commented on his friend’s YouTube video by editing the description and putting his name in a different colour and font. His friend had then replied the same way, so there was this long conversation in the description. The last comment said, ‘Don’t make it boring, make it…’ and then there was a photo of a plaster with “wonderful” written on it in brightly coloured letters.

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