The Mansion

I was at a school and I turned up late, so I sat near the back. And Goodwin was there but I didn’t sit by him cos he was sitting by Doreen (that’s not her name but I can’t spell her real name) from school. And so I sat at the back in between Adam Woolfenden and Matthew Neiland. And at one point they were creating colour palettes and I gave them my opinion.

Then later we went, with the school, to play a video game where you have to shoot bugs, like the ones you get in arcades. And I’d gotten there early too and for some reason climbed really high up and sat down. And when they came I realised I couldn’t get down. And the teacher (woman) said “Do you want some help?” and I said “Nah, I’ll jump.” So I jumped and rolled on the floor a bit for effect.

Then for the game you needed a partner, and the teacher was trying to partner me with Goodwin which I was happy about. But he wasn’t. And he called me into the toilets and started shouting at me. But it turned out he couldn’t remember why he now hated me.

So, onto dream part 2.

I was at a big mansion with a girl who was my sister. And something had happened so we had to leave. we were like spies or something. And on the way out we couldn’t work out what time it was. And I said “If only my torch had a built-in sundial.”
So we went back through the mansion and grounds, and there was a big fete going on with people in old fashioned costumes. And there was a security camera watching us but it didn’t seem to recognise us if we went slowly.

And we went into the utility room and we had a secret super-computer called ARTHUR (A Really Terrific Home Underground Robot). And to get to him it was like Mr Smith in Sarah Jane Adventures, he was hidden. So we had to pull a lever, which happened to be the gas switch nobody used. And the girl went to pull it and someone stopped her and said “No dear, that’s gas.”
And she gave them a dirty look and pulled it and nothing happened. So I asked the girl what had happened and she said “It turned on the gas.”

And someone had deactivated the switch. So we tried others on a cooker. And I turned on the flames on a hob and said “I think I’ve got something.” And I leant forward and set my shirt on fire. So I ran around screaming and someone chucked a bucket at me and then said “Oh crap, water!”

And then mother woke me up.

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