Melvington Melworthy

In last night’s dream, I was staying at a retreat that was run by one of our clients at work in real life called Merlee.

Mike and I we’re helping a young couple redecorate one of the buildings, turning into into a Western saloon bar. Mother dropped by to see how we were getting on, so I showed her the new shutter doors that I’d installed. She then tried to help the couple out by measuring things, but she kept getting the measurements wrong, so in the end we told her to leave.

The next day, Mike and I went down for breakfast. We saw two nice girls sitting on a table – one taller with dark hair and dressed in black, the other shorter with brown hair dressed in pink. Although there were lots of free tables, we sat with them.

We had a bit of a chat and then went up to get some cereals. I saw a little box of Cheerios and wanted them, but the tall girl picked them up first. I picked some coco pops instead, but the tall girl pointed out that it was a two pack with a box of Golden Nuggets too and recommended I eat them first, which I did.

Later I was out walking around the surrounding fields with Mike and the two girls. We heard a voice over a tannoy (or megaphone) saying they were looking for Melvington Melworthy – a guy called Melvin who had escaped from prison and come up with the worst alias ever. The name made me laugh out loud.

After a while we went back to our rooms. In the girls’ room, the short girl had a bunch of papers. The tall girl wanted to see them but the short girl was reluctant to show her. Eventually she did show her and all the papers had big letter Cs scribbled all over them. Apparently this was some sort of code saying which of the two girls either Mike or I liked. C meant the tall girl. The short girl pointed out on one sheet how I’d drawn Ned Flanders from the Simpsons inside the Cs, and some the eyes and moustache the same on all of them. They deduced from this that it was me who had chosen the tall girl. And they were right.

Meanwhile in our room, I was talking to Mike, who seemingly knew the tall girl. I asked him if he knew if she fancied me. “I didn’t ask,” he chuckled. The way he said it made it sound like it was a running joke that she was scary or something, which made me laugh in the dream.

I didn’t find out if she fancied me or not, as at this point I woke up.

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