My Name is Earl

Had a nice/odd dream. It started where mother, Lee and I had moved into a new house. It was a really nice house. Like a cottage. The living room had a corner sofa, one of those L-shaped ones.

The rest of the dream was taken up by the cast of My Name Is Earl. They were on the run from someone and my dream pretty much followed them from the train, to hitchhiking a ride, to hiding on the bottom of a bus while they made a getaway vehicle. It was pretty cool.

It ended with Catalina at my Nan and Grandad’s house with Joy. And someone had spilt something on Lee’s jumper. But Joy was really calm and just said “Oh. Somebody’s spilt something on this really expensive jumper. We’ll have to do something about that.”
So Catalina knew she’d been possessed by the people they were running from. So she ran out and hitchhiked a ride with a group of really old Spanish people. And she kept trying to talk to them in Spanish but they were ignoring her. Eventually they listened and then said in English “Oh, you speak Spanish?”

And then I was back at the new house and I woke up early to go down and watch TV in the new house.

That was pretty much it.

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