New House

Had a dream last night where we – my mother, brother and I – had just moved into a new house. It was a very nice house, much bigger than our real house, as I pointed out many times during the dream. We took a little tour around the house and discovered a few hidden gems. One such surprise was a door in the kitchen that lead to a basement downstairs. It was a very large basement with lots of storage cupboards (those are the best kind I’m told) that mostly contained my toys. I thought it was a bit odd having them down there in cupboards when I would’ve wanted to play with them in my room, but I didn’t mention it at the time.

After we’d finished in the basement, we went back upstairs and there was a girl in the kitchen. It wasn’t anyone I knew, one of those random people in dreams. She was apparently here to make us lunch, so we had her homemade pasta.

After lunch, the girl and I went into the bathroom. We saw a little creature in the bath – it’s hard to describe it really, it was kind of like a daddy long legs made out of gummy worms. We tried to catch it but it just kept running off. I decided to look its species up on the computer.

At this point in the dream, things get a bit… weird. It becomes a bit of a dirty dream. However, I have put all my dreams on this site and been honest about them all, including the sad ones and the frankly quite weird ones, so I shall not hide anything from this dream.

As I was typing, the girl was standing behind me and started leaning on me. She slowly lowered herself down until her breasts were resting on my head. I didn’t take much notice, I thought it was quite nice actually. After a while she started ‘jiggling’ them. I made some comment about it and then she said I’d better clean up the mess. I looked up and noticed she was now naked and had lactated on my head. I cleaned it up and then we went back into the kitchen and ate some more pasta.

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