News and scaffolding

Gush and I were in a canteen and the woman serving asked me what kind of potatoes I wanted. I asked for roast potatoes but she said they didn’t have any, so I asked for chips instead.

“What kind?” she said.
And I exclaimed, “Why are there so many varieties of potato?!”

There were three different thicknesses of chips, so I opted for the thin fries. I think Gush had the same. She sat down with us at a table and then left us to eat. Shortly after, an Irish man joined us on our table.

He got chatting to Gush and he mentioned his job. I heard him say to Gush in an annoyed tone “What? You think I should find a new job!”
Gush pointed out he was trying to compliment him on doing well in his job. I opened up a kind of holographic screen in front of me and had a look on the TV guide what was on TV at 6pm (it was 5:50pm at the time) that I could use as an excuse to leave. There was half a dozen channels with programmes on and then the rest had been replaced with scaffolding to represent them not being on.

Gush asked what was on and I said, “It’s mainly news and then the rest is scaffolding.”

At another point, I was on a ride with Goodwin. There was a metal fence panel in front and when you turned it one way, it made the chair section go up. Similarly, turning it the other way went down. I turned it round a few times and we went up. We could see all around us, with the city growing smaller below us as we rose. I took us back down a bit and then span it fast so we went up. The trouble was, I did it too much and it kept going up. We got so high I could see Blackpool. I started panicking as I was scared of heights. I stopped the fence put it was still going up – because it had done so many rotations, it was still catching up. I didn’t know when it would stop and I could see the Blackpool tower next to us, so I ducked down and cried out to Goodwin to make it stop. He did and we went back down. I got off and said I wanted to go home, so we did.

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