Not quite pink ice cream

In last night’s dream, I was on holiday with Mother in Spain. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I had pasta and mince, although I left most of the mince. For desert I had something that resembled pink ice cream but wasn’t.

After dinner, we got chatting to the owners. They told us about a few local drinking places, but Mother said she wanted to get a taxi back to the hotel because it was quite a dangerous area.

The owner told us that the restaurant used to be a hotel and I recognised it as the hotel we’d stayed in when we visited the year before. He revealed that before that it was another hotel – owned by my mother’s friend Karen where we’d also stayed – and before that it was a bomb site. We’d also stayed there then.

In the next part of the dream, I was at karate. I was talking to a guy who was with a Japanese guy. We were talking about how bowing is more hygienic a greeting than shaking hands. After a while, a young boy came over and shook the Japanese guy’s hand. The other guy and I chuckled to ourselves.

The conversation somehow got onto sushi and then about what weird foods we’d eaten. Someone asked me if I’d ever try eating mouse and I said I would. I’m not sure if I would in real life.

Back at the hotel, the way up to our room was through a rectangular hole in the ceiling of somebody else’s room. It was quite a small hole, just big enough to fit through. For some reason, we couldn’t get up there. I think there was meant to be ladders, but they weren’t there. While Mother and the female occupants of the room tried to sort it out, I went for a look around the hotel.

In one room, I found a row of sectioned off areas (a bit like a dog kennel) and in each one was 2 (or sometimes 3) girls, all either dressed in pink or with pink hair. They weren’t doing anything, just sitting there, some of them holding each other. They didn’t look sad, but they weren’t exactly cheerful. I said hello to two of them and left because I found it a bit weird.

Back in the room leading to our room, they hadn’t found a way to get up to the hole, so I climbed on the bed and pulled myself up through the hole. I managed to get up into our room and suggested Mother do the same thing. She didn’t want to, so she just sat and drank tea with the room’s occupant.

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