I had a dream last night that I’d been given a pet octopus. Although it didn’t look much like an octopus, cos it didn’t have any eyes or suckers on the tentacles. It looked more like a Dalek (the creature on the inside). Anyway, it was slimy and small. But shortly after I’d brought it home it went into a ‘rebirth’, where it sort of shed its skin, there was a creature exactly the same as it inside of it. So the outer-creature-skin peeled away and this smaller creature came out. And I tried to keep it hidden from mother because… ‘she would’ve wanted to put a hat on it’. Yep. That was my reasoning in the dream. So I took it to my room, but then I forgot the outer skin! So I went back down into the living room and mother was sitting there eating it. She thought it was pasta.

And that was pretty much it. It was quite a cool dream. It was like E.T. but without the bikes and the government.

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