Paper boat hats

I was in a garden with a girl and Tony Stark. He flew around in his Iron Man suit and then let me have a go at flying the iron man suit. He then let the girl try, but while she was in the suit, a small group of people emerged at the other end of the garden. Tony picked up some grey, futuristic looking guns and handed them to us. When we fired them, it shot out pink ping pong balls.

The group fired at us, but their weapons were similarly just balls of paint that barely hurt. I then got closer and started fighting them, taking them down with karate moves. It was then that we realised we hadn’t actually ascertained if they were bad guys or not. Tony came running over and told me to stop, as they were on our side.

Later, I was out with some friends and we were doing paper crafts. I made a little boat hat that my mother had taught me how to make and showed it to my colleague, Claire-Marie. She loved it and asked me to show her how to make one. I showed her how – make a cone, turn it inside out, then fold the two sides (which already had the folded patterns) up and push the cone point down. She then showed my other colleague, Laura, and she wanted to try it too, so I had to go through it again to show her.