Peter, Ben and Mary

I had a dream last night that I was at a primary school, entertaining the kids as part of the band Peter, Paul & Mary. I was Paul. The last song we did was Weave Me The Sunshine, which everyone joined in on. This was a great musical number and we played it really upbeat and everyone felt happy. It was noted that we hadn’t played Puff The Magic Dragon, their most famous song.

Afterwards, a girl started jumping up and down, clapping. Peter Yarrow (from the band) said to me “Either the pith… the plinth is too high, or this is trampoline ground.” I don’t fully understand that myself.

Later on, I was in a restaurant with some friends. There was a big woman sat at a communal table, but she moved down so we could sit together. I remember one of the kids had a purple floral blazer. It was really flamboyant, but looked quite cool in the dream. There was also a kid dressed as Patrick Troughton’s from Doctor Who. My friend, Josh, showed me a magazine that contained photos of action figures from comic books. There was also a section for figures of royalty, including Queen Victoria (without a dress) and someone called Soban.

The dream ended with Tony Stark giving a lecture on preventing feuds and telling us how he was making a film about it called The Avengers.

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