Queen On The Run

Last night I had a series of dreams. I haven’t been dreaming a lot recently, so I was thrilled at the length and diversity of this one.

It started off with Oliver Queen, aka. Green Arrow, on the run from the law. He was running through the streets late at night, hiding behind bushes and bins to avoid the cops. Eventually he came across a house with a light on, so he decided to try and seek a place to hide inside. The house was more of a studio, with two slobs sat in a big workshop conservatory. Oliver told them he was on the run for a crime he didn’t commit and asked if he could hide out here until morning. The two guys didn’t really seem that bothered about anything, so they let him sleep on the sofa in the living room.

I arrived in the next part of the dream. It was afternoon and I was leaving work to go meet Goodwin for lunch in town. When I got there, he was with two other guys: Anthony – supposedly his brother, but it looked nothing like him – and his friend, Kristian. We went and got lunch, then everyone came back to our office. It looked nothing like our office, but it was one of those that my mind knew where it was supposed to be but couldn’t remember what it looked like. We sat down and I showed them some of my work, but the only things I could find were videos of David Attenborough. They teased me a bit over this.

Then we come to the final act of the dream, in which Mother and I attended a comic con. I’m not sure why I was with mother, as I’ve never been to a con with her and nor would I particularly want to. That’s not being mean, because she wouldn’t want to go either. We’d not been there long, but I needed the toilet, so I went off to find one. On my way back from the toilet, I decided to stop off at a little shop to buy a chocolate bar. I opted for a dairy milk. As I was paying for it, the young girl serving me said “Do you want to save me from this?” and held up a bottle of Evian water. Somehow I knew what she meant – well of course I did, it’s my dream so I know what I was trying to say. She wanted me to get her a proper drink. Ever the gentleman, I agreed to help the damsel in distress. She asked me to go to the bar around the corner by the information desk and get her ‘a serpent’. I don’t know if there’s a drink called Serpent in real life or if it’s just a name that my brain came up with, but I said that I would return shortly with her serpent.

I walked around to the bar and met mother and Mike – who had apparently turned up – on the way. I ordered ‘a pint of serpent’ from the man at the bar. He asked for my mobile number so that he could text me when it was ready to collect (despite the fact he was making it as he was speaking). I tried to write my number down, but every time I did it came out wrong. In the end I just gave him one end of a yogurt phone (two yogurt pots connected with a bit of string) and told him to call me. While we were waiting for the drink, Mike complimented the bartender on his shirt. It was a brown cowboy shirt that did look particularly nice. However, Mike called it a t-shirt and I corrected him, pointing out that it was a shirt because it had a collar. Mike wasn’t happy about me correcting him while he was trying to be friendly, so he told me to ‘shut up’.

It was at this point I woke up, which was a shame really because I would’ve liked to have seen what a serpent drink looked like and the girl’s reaction when I returned with her drink. I’d also have liked to have seen around the comic con, but you can’t win them all.

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