Red buildings

In the dream I woke up ready for work, but my clock said it was 11:00. I ran downstairs and the clock said 8:00. My alarm had been set for 11:40 instead of 7:40 and it was set 4 ours ahead anyway.

I asked mother to check her phone to see what time her phone said, but she didn’t know what I was on about. I checked it and she had the normal time.

I ran around and quickly got ready for work. At 8:13 (2 minutes before my taxi was due to arrive) the taxi driver came in and asked if he could use our phone. We said he could and I’d finish getting ready.

A woman then came in and started talking to mother about her energy bills. Mother was quite interested, but also confused about the company name. I can’t remember the full name, but it had a name and then ‘red buildings’. Mother questioned why they needed that extra bit, but the woman misunderstood and thought she was asking why they chose red. The woman explained it was colourful. Eventually I left for work.

Rather than being in the office, I was in a big house. It was like a stately home sized place but more modern. We’d each chosen our rooms and mine was the biggest.

At one point we were in Matt’s room and there was a giant mirror propped up against the wall. I was talking to my boss, Dave, and he wandered behind a wardrobe that was against the same wall, but the mirror made it look like he’d gone through a door. I pointed it out and Dave said there was actually a door there. He hadn’t gone through it, but it was there.

The door led to my room and another door on the opposite side of my room led to another room decorated with lots of frog toys. I pointed out that if I had that room, we could use the big room as a communal room that both Matt and I could access without disturbing anyone.

Then I woke up.

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