Red Dwarf Cast on Doctor Who Crossover

As well as Doctor Who stars at the Birmingham comic con, there were also other guests, including several cast members from the hit BBC/Dave sitcom Red Dwarf. Some sort of crossover between the two shows has been flirted around before, so I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to speak to the cast and ask them directly.

Firstly, I asked Hattie Hayridge, who played the ship’s computer, Holly, from Series 3 to Series 7. Although she has not been in Red Dwarf since Series 7, she said that she would like to take part were there to be a crossover requiring Holly. She also revealed that Mark Gatiss is her neighbour, so she would hope he would get her a part in a Doctor Who crossover.

Chris Barrie, who plays Arnold Rimmer, though it was not very likely to happen. He explained that there is a ‘bridge’ between the Red Dwarf and the BBC, who often shunned shows like Red Dwarf saying sci-fi didn’t work. But he said that were it put to him, he would happily join in. His final words on the matter were:

“Stranger things have happened… and all the other clichés.”

Next was Robert Llewellyn, who plays Kryten. He was quite certain that it wouldn’t happen. He agreed with Barrie that the BBC had shunned Red Dwarf and would never admit how popular it was. He did say that were it to happen, he would love to join in.

“I think even just a brief thing where Kryten walks into the TARDIS and says ‘Oh, wrong destination sirs’. I think that would be great.”

Llewellyn also added that he has previously had lunch with former showrunner Russell T Davies and Doug [possibly meaning Red Dwarf writer Doug Naylor] so the crossover idea has been discussed before, but never amounting to anything.

Finally, I put the question to Danny John-Jules, who plays Cat. He was rather passionate about the topic, even challenging Peter Capaldi to appearing in the sitcom, as you can hear in the clip below:

In summary, it seems highly unlikely that we will see the Red Dwarf crew board the TARDIS any time soon, but if there were a Children In Need skit perhaps, they would be happy to take part.

Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you an exclusive interview with Wendy Padbury.

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