Room 712

I went to a new school that I’d enrolled in. It was about a 50 minute drive from my house. I was suppose to go a few days ago but I didn’t get the letter telling me where to go.

When the taxi arrived in the city, there was loads of traffic, so I said I’d get out and walk the rest as I knew where it was. What I didn’t expect was the driver would let me out in the middle of the motorway where we were. I got out and dropped my bag down a gap in the road. I grabbed it with a couple of fingers, but I also had my MacBook in the other hand and was trying to figure out how I’d get the bag without putting the MacBook down (for fear of it getting stolen). Somehow I managed to get the bag back.

I eventually found the place and it was more like a hotel, with an Irish pub on the ground floor. My room was 712, so I went and dropped my stuff in there.

I found reception and introduced myself to a little Scottish woman. She knew who I was and said she’d look after me.

Since it was already late afternoon, she said I’d start school tomorrow. I wanted to go back to my room but couldn’t find the lift. Another guy was going upstairs and he said to follow Gush, who was heading through the kitchen. We followed him, but found him leaning against a fridge fast asleep.

I decided to take the stairs. The floors weren’t numbered, so when I got to roughly the seventh floor I looked for a door but could only see a window. I tried to open it and an old man the other side came and helped me. He held it up while I climbed through.

The man introduced himself as Stan Lee and we had a chat.

After picking my stuff up, I got a taxi home.

When I arrived home, mother was talking to a man. He was some sort of careers advisor and he asked me about why I was going back to school when I already had a job. I tried to tell him but mother kept interrupting. In the end I told her to be quiet and told him how it had started. I told him how I missed the structure and experience of school and that one day I’d decided to ‘sort my life out’ and wanted to do a night class or something on the weekends, this idea eventually grew and turned into going back to school.

Then I woke up.

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