Sherlock Holmes and the Uncomfortable Car Journey

Had a bit of an odd dream last night, as it played out as a Sherlock Holmes story, with Jeremy Brett (who played Sherlock in the ITV series) as Moriarty and Richard E. Grant as Sherlock. I was there as well as Sherlock’s sidekick. I wasn’t Watson, just some guy with him.

In the dream, a load of kids were being led off on trains to labour camps. Sherlock and I got there just before the train set off, so we jumped on the train. When the children saw us, they all cheered and smiled broadly.

We got off at the next stop and infiltrated one of Moriarty’s cars. The people in the car were involved in some sort of robbery. After a while, Moriarty joined us in the car. He sat on my lap, but then the driver – whose name was Ken – suggested he sit in the spare seat in the front instead, which he did. I thanked Ken for suggesting that.

At one point we drove past my house and Sherlock said, “Perhaps he wants to stop here.”

We didn’t stop, we carried on. Farther down the road we saw the robbers and I said, “That should have been me in those clothes.”

We chased them for a while and then got out to try to stop them, but they managed to escape.

Then I woke up.

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