Sixth Form

I dreamt I was back at school. It was sixth form, so I was in my own clothes. I went into form class (which we didn’t have in sixth form I don’t think) and when I went in it was like I was lost. I wandered round and took a seat next to Dennis Wheelan, because he was the only one there not in a school uniform.

The teacher came in and started talking about the big prom at the end of the year. Apparently we’d finished our exams by May, so we had to spend the next couple of months planning this big event.

The headteacher came in and gave a speech about how important it was, with it dating back to the 1900s. Then he spotted me and Dennis and had a go at us for not wearing the school uniform. He seemed mostly annoyed about me not having a tie, the rest was okay so long as I had a tie.

So after form I went out to lunch (a few hours early) and had a walk down the road in a depressed scene that would feature an instrumental in a film about me having to make a big decision or something.