Skating in slippers

Had a dream in which I was in Sutton with Laura from work. I was heading to an appointment but said I didn’t have a clue how to get there. I looked it up on my phone and it was actually in Lichfield. I called a taxi and then called the place I was going to to let them know I would be a bit late.

Instead of going there, I went to an ice skating class and met up with Gush. Because we were first timers, they gave us all slippers that allowed us to glide on the ice. I put mine on, but Gush didn’t have any. We went up to the counter but he didn’t want to ask, so I asked for him and got him a pair.

We went onto the ice and started slowly shuffling along. I saw some of the guys from karate, so I went over to them.

There was a young guy with them who was in a bad mood. He muttered something and then opened the fire escape door and left. A couple of the karate guys went outside to sort him out and brought him back in.

The young guy then went off into another room (still on the ice) with a group of his mates. I watched him and saw him open up a box on the wall and press some buttons. The sprinklers went off in both rooms and everyone got soaked.

I went over to the woman who ran the class and she went into the other room to tell the young guy off. She made him turn the sprinklers off and then talked to him. She explained how she’d tried to help him and wanted him to enjoy the class and learn to be a bit nicer. This made him feel bad, so he apologised and said he’d behave. Everyone applauded and I woke up.

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