Slapping in the train station

I was at a train station on the concourse and trying to get through security. There were lots of different scanners (the doorframe type things with the metal detectors on) going off in different directions and I wasn’t sure which one to go through. I picked one at random, but then realised that it was another one on the opposite side of the room that I needed to go through. Rather than go back through the same scanner, I walked around it and tried to sneak back in. That set off alarms on all the scanners which a man had to come out and fix

“Just giving you something to do,” I quipped as I slipped by and through the correct scanner. Once I’d gotten through security, there was a bit of a queue to buy a ticket. I noticed at the end of the queue was a guy called Declan. In school in real life, Declan and I used to play a game where we’d try and slap each other on the head. So I said hello to Declan and slapped him. We both left the queue and wandered round facing each other. He commented that I’d gotten a lot better at the game since we’d last met.

As we were on a train station platform, the edge of the platform led to a drop where the track was, only here it was probably twice as big a drop. I cornered him at a section of the platform where there was a drop on all three edges. He went slightly near the edge, so I warned him before he crossed the big yellow line. He looked down and found his footing before he got close to the edge of the left side. But then he kept stepping back and there wasn’t a yellow line for the top end. I shouted for him to stop but I was too late, as he stepped off the end and went flying down into the track. He dropped really quickly and hit his head off the back wall, tumbling down into a lumpy pile. He was dead.

I shouted “Oh my god!” and then woke up.

It was actually pretty scary.

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