Your Song

Had an odd dream last night. Although I think it might have been a nightmare, cos at one point in it mother had packed me ‘strawberry cookies’ and they were horrible. Anyway, I was at a… Actually, I’ve just remembered there’s two parts.

Part one, I was at a school and I’m unsure if I was studying or teaching. Cos at one point I was sitting at a desk and the other I was telling everyone what to do. There was an event going on and Mike and I were filming it at the school. And Mike and I were showing them how to use the cameras. And one girl got the hang of it. Before she went I asked her if she had a memory card, and really proudly she said “Yeah, I’ve got a 15 MB one.” Which is about enough for 2 photos. So I gave her a bunch of mine including a 4 GB and a 16 GB – I couldn’t find my 32 GB, I guess I was using it – and she was amazed by them.

Then I was sitting at a computer and singing Your Song by Elton John. And then I heard me singing it behind me. I turned around and realised a bunch of girls had recorded me and were playing it back. They’d learnt to use the cameras. And after thinking about it I wasn’t really bothered by it cos it actually sounded quite good.

Then there was another part where Mike and I were in a field. We were walking to somewhere.

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