St. Barnabas

Had a good dream. I was back in school, but it was a completely different school with all the same kids.

And at one point the headmaster came into the canteen to have a go at everyone for poor standards. And he picked on a kid called Milhouse (despite the fact it was Sean Hawthorn) and showed an email he’d sent. The email started asking about the work and what colour to paint the Daleks (that was the work apparently) and I’d replied with a lengthy “Silver and blue, white and gold, gold and black. And if you want to be very clever, there’s an all black one too.”
And he’d replied to that “I’ve just thought of a new song:
W w w . Young T . Young T . Com”
To which I sat at the back and laughed my head off.

Then he moaned about each form class except mine (St Barnabas). So someone asked “What about St Barnabas?” And he said “Well… They haven’t got any problems.”
So someone shouted “Woo!” And the headteacher asked who’d shouted and someone said “Probably Ben.”

Then he left and I got lunch. I joined the queue and Reece Swaby (a kid from school) said “D’you know what you’re getting?” And I said “Probably not.”
I didn’t like any of the sandwhiches so I asked to try some of them (which cost 25p each) and then bought one for £3. I spent £5 on dinner.

Then later Mike and I were sitting in the dining room and Mike said “We’ve got art with Mrs Kelly next.” (Despite the fact she was an IT teacher) and I sat dreamily staring and said “Oh yes, I like Miss Kelly’s lessons, I like them a lot.” And Mike thought I fancied her so I said “No, cos there’s a girl I fancy in her class.”.

So then we went to class and I had to go next door for something, and the teacher next door asked if I’d bring the rag sheets (just giant pieces of cloth) through. So I went back into class and looked for them, and I picked up a bag with some clothes in and Miss Kelly said “No Ben, that’s my coat.” And I just stared at her blankly and she told me where the rags were.

Then we went to IT lesson, and Reece Swaby was sitting where I usually sat so I asked him to move and he did (which he never did in real life). And when he moved I checked his ‘laptop’ and he’d been listening to the Sister Act soundtrack. And because of where he was sitting, there was no computer, just a tiny laptop. So he laughed a bit thinking he’d beaten me letting me sit there. But I thought “I’ll show him” and so I built my own mac there on the desk. By the time I’d built it the lesson was over.

And that was pretty much it.

But what was nice about the dream was it’s continuity. The bit where Sean/Milhouse sent the email had happened in a previous dream, as had the girl in the art class. And some bits were true, like the girl in the art class was actually a girl who was in the art lesson before me, but our class would always go in early and I’d see her. I believe I even spoke to her once too.

So it was a fun dream.

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