Stockholm Hotel

The first bit was Mike and I went on holiday and we went to this hotel called the ‘Stockholm Hotel’, even though it was in London. And it was really bad in there. So we left and went to find another hotel. We had a look in the guide book and there was another hotel that we found and it turned out we were standing right by it, so we decided to stay there.

Then it cut to us in a sort of sitcom, where we played two country folk. We were in a room sat at a desk just talking, and then we found out that Prince William and Kate Middleton were coming to visit us, so we opened a drawer in the desk and scoped all the mess that was on the table into it. So they came in and we showed them around a bit and then went back to sit at the desk. Then Kate said she was going to play some games with the children… which turned out to be us. So then for a while we played games like Ludo and Buckaroo with Kate Middleton. It’s a bit odd really, of all the things to do with Kate Middleton in a dream and my brain chose to play board games with her.

Then we were in a market and we bumped into a kid from school and I had a chat with him. He wanted to show us this shop, so we all went there. The only thing I remember about this bit was there was a woman serving, and she had code names for when things happened. But rather than discreetly telling someone that there was a guy robbing a set of wigs, she’d say it into a megaphone. So she said “We’ve got a 006!” and the whole shop looked at this man, who promptly put the wigs back. Then later she said “007! 007!” so we all started singing the James Bond theme. I think that bit in the dream came from yesterday because Grandad mentioned James Bond.

But the weird thing about this dream was that after it, mother got up early cos she’s going on a trip with Nan and Grandad today, and I sort of half woke up. But I lay there thinking “I must remember this dream to tell Mike.” and then I ran through the whle dream in my head, but after I’d ran through it I thought “That’s all well and good, but I’m still asleep, I need to make a note of it when I wake up.” so I wrote some notes down, but then I realised I was still asleep. And this happened about 3 or 4 times, I recited the whole dream and then realised I was still asleep. So after a while I did wake up and made note of of a few keywords, which consisted of ‘Wills and Kate’, ‘Stockholm Hotel’ and ‘006’.