Thoughts on… Strip Monopoly

Whilst playing Monopoly last night, I thought “I wonder if there’s such a thing as strip Monopoly. And if there is, how would it work?” I imagine instead of losing money, you’d lose clothes, but that would mean that instead of gaining money you gained other people’s clothes, so in the end it’d be a bunch of naked people around a Monopoly board and just one guy sweating under everyone’s clothes.

Then I started thinking of other games that could be made into strip versions. One that made me laugh was Strip Solitaire. Just a guy in his bedroom on his own. “Ooh, I got an ace, I’ll take my jumper off.” His mother comes in and he’s sitting there in just his socks with a pack of cards.

Then I thought of Strip Chess. But would you really want to see the sort of people who play chess strip???
“Knight to E4, glasses off!”
“Bishop to C3, take those retainers out!”

Strip Twister would be kind of awkward. Although it could be fun if you did it so whoever was nearest to you had to undress you. Maybe that’s it, you have to undress them with whatever limb is chosen. So it could be “Left hand on red” so you have to put use your left hand to take off the clothing of whoever is on a red spot. Which is quite confusing really, i’m not entirely sure how it works. But imagine as your best friend’s sister is unbuttoning the shirt and you joke “Not the first time you’ve done this eh?” and wink. Which could then lead to your best friend hitting you or his sister’s boyfriend thinking she’s cheating on him with you. Oh god no! What have we done! DO NOT make Strip Twister!

Strip Conkers could be taken in the wrong way. Strip Bingo would be fun. “5 and 2, remove a shoe. legs 11, take off your trousers.” Then again, the people who play bingo… I doubt you’d want to see them strip.

Strip Charades would be fun. Although I guess people would just think you’re acting out The Stripper. I remember when we used to play Charades and i’d often try and do The Full Monty. After a few times of doing it though people got wise and just left me to strip. I’d end up standing there fully nude shouting “Come on! It’s obvious!”. That never ever happened, but it’d be funny if it did. Charades is always fun at my house. My brother’s favourite one to do is the film Flipper. He just lies on the floor and flops about. Usually nobody gets it and Mother and I sit laughing uncontrollably. There was also the rather awkward time when our friend Gordon decided to do a very literal portrayal of ‘Flash Gordon’.

Alternatively, we could reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and have it so that if you lose you put clothes on. Reverse Strip Poker. But then I guess people would just keep losing so they could put their clothes on. Okay, maybe not such a good idea.

So… have you got an ideas for games we can turn into Strip versions???

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