Sunflower Set

Had a dream last night where I was in London and I was performing some of my songs at a club. After the show, the woman running the event was tidying away the chairs as I was packing up my ukulele. She asked if I was okay to perform next week. I told her that I wasn’t from around here, but that I would come back another time and play.

She suggested I play what she called a ‘sunflower set’, which she explained was a bunch of bright songs with a big, dark, deep song in the middle.

Later in the dream, I was at work and working on a presentation document for a company called Wright Hassall. My boss, Dave, was there talking me through it. He pointed out a quote and said we shouldn’t include it because it was uninteresting. I asked if the person who’d given the quote would mind, but he said ‘He’s Scouse, he won’t be bothered.’ There was also a typo I pointed out where ‘You’re’ had been spelt ‘your’.

The annoying thing about this dream was that in real life I had actually been working on a presentation document for Wright Hassall (who are a real law firm) so when I went in on Monday I couldn’t remember what Dave had said in real life and what he’d said in the dream!

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