Taskmaster and cakes

I was appearing on the next series of Taskmaster. I was in a house with the other contestants. The only one I remember was Nadine Coyle (formerly of Girls Aloud). She asked me something, but I can’t remember what now.

It was quite late, and the others were still up and about, but I decided to get change into a pair of Muppet pyjamas. While I was getting changed, a camera crew came in and started filming little interviews with people. I went up to the camera and said something, then put the pyjama top, which had a big Kermit the face on, up to my face, so Kermit’s face lined up with mine. Whatever I said in the dream made this funny, but I can’t remember now.

In another part of the dream, I was shopping with Mike and someone else. We stopped off at cafe inside a store for a drink and some food. Mike and the other person had wandered off, so I was waiting for them before I ordered to see what they would order. In the end I gave up and decided to order.

There was a chocolate millionaire cake served warm that looked very nice, but I overheard a woman say that they were very hard to make and nobody was buying the other chocolate cake that was served cold. I really wanted a hot one, but I felt sorry for her, so I ordered one of the cold cakes, which made her happy.

Later on I was outside a restaurant or club and it was a woman’s birthday. A man gave her a cake that was in the shape of a police hat, because she was a policewoman. The first thing she said was that one part of it was wrong and the icing had come away. I said to someone “You took ages to make that and she picks up on the one bad detail. That’s exactly what my mom would do.”