Tell Me More

I was at a songwriting workshop in a big hall. It was full of ‘cool’ people, musicians who knew they were pretty good. They weren’t hipsters, but you know the type, quite confident and funky hair cuts.

Anyway, for the last half hour, the tutor said it was ‘free time’ in which we could play with someone else on our table and help each other with anything we were working on. The girl on my table didn’t really want to do anything, she just sat there looking moody. Luckily, a guy on a table opposite asked if I wanted to swap tables with him. I did so and got to work with a guy and a girl with purple hair called Emmie.

We went to the back of the hall away from everyone else and sat on some chairs. Neither of them looked like they were going to do anything, so I picked up a guitar and started playing a song I’ve half-written in real life called Tell Me More. They asked if they could hear it with the lyrics, so I played it for them. They laughed at all the jokes and a few more people gathered around to listen. When I got half way through, I forgot one of the lines, so I paused. One guy took the opportunity to say he liked the ‘jazz part’ but it felt a bit slow. Ironically, this was just before the second half of the song where it speeds up. I carried on playing and they were all pretty impressed and said they liked it.

Meanwhile, a guy back in the main part of the hall was playing Here Comes The Sun on his guitar, but he had the guitar lying flat on his lap and he was picking it like a harp. Another guy, his partner, was trying to play it on his instrument (can’t remember what it was), but the guitar guy kept telling him he was getting it wrong.

Later in the dream, I was in a big shop. It was one of those shops that sells a bit of everything, like B&M. I noticed they had a sale on Doctor Who toys, so I rushed over to that shelf. They were on sale for £1 each, which I was quite excited by. However, when I looked closer, they were branded as ‘mixups’ and were two characters squashed into one figure. For example, there was a figure that had Sarah Jane Smith’s body by Sutekh’s nose and hands. I didn’t want to buy any of them because they looked rubbish.

I carried on walking around the shop and saw a puppet of Animal (from the Muppets). I got quite excited and picked it up. I was with someone at the time, but I can’t remember who. Anyway, I started doing the Animal voice and having some fun. They weren’t that interested though.

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