The £7 Off Voucher

Had a dream last night where I was at a college. Goodwin and I went to some sort of event, I think it was a quiz night. Something happened when it was my turn to answer – can’t remember what – that meant I won the ‘funniest moment of the night’ award, beating a girl called Jenny who had had someone burp during her answer. Winning also meant that I got a voucher for £7 off a meal at a local restaurant. I had a couple of bags with me, including a swing bag with 2 really big Doctor Who books in.

Afterwards I went back to my dormitory and started speaking to Jimmy Carr via Skype. He made some jokes which I went along with and I made good comebacks to. After a while he said “Okay, a joke’s a joke, but you’re a nice guy.” And he said I could support one of his comedians who was playing in Birmingham 3 weeks ago. I pointed this out and he said I could do the next show.

Then I went and met Goodwin again to talk about my free meal (which wasn’t free). As we were walking through the corridor he said “I’ve just got to go in here.” But I didn’t hear him and he disappeared. I looked around for him and eventually found the door he was behind. I heard him making odd noises and there was a girl making odd noises too. I smirked and said “Well done Goodwin.”

Then the door opened and the girl dragged me inside. She was a pretty girl but also a bit of a rebel type. It turned out they had developed a new powder that ate people’s skin and made them itch, which they were testing out on each other and planned to use on the teachers. I shouted “Nooo!” and when they questioned me I said I’d realised I’d lost my bag with the books in. But that didn’t matter now. So we planned and schemed. Then someone tried to open the door. A teacher perhaps? The girl said we should wait it out. She used a device that beeped when people were by the door to detect when they were gone. Once it was clear we made our way out into the hall, but a teacher saw us so we ran outside the building. Then another teacher saw us so we ran the other way. Then we were cornered. There was another guy with us who wasn’t Goodwin. He admitted to the teachers that he was in fact two people and started to peel his skin off to prove it. Then I bribed the teachers with my £7 off voucher and all was forgiven.

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