The bacon and cheese egg roll

I went to a big indoor market with my family. We wandered around for a while before we actually started looking at the stalls. I’d been here before and remembered finding a stall selling Doctor Who stuff, so I tried to find somewhere selling some. I found one place that had some packs of trading cards, but I wasn’t interested in them.

Later, while mom was looking at something, I eyed up the row of food sections along the one wall. The first one was run by Shego (from Kim Possible) and her father. It sold some pastries and a few hot things. The one next to her sold something that was bacon and cheese deep fried in egg (like a deep fat fryer full of beaten egg instead of oil) and served in a hot dog roll. It sounded really nice, so I pointed it out to my brother. Sadly, I didn’t get to try one as I woke up.

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