The blue dress

Had a dream last night in which a young woman in a blue dress was sat in a chair by the tree near my house. She was talking to a face on a screen that was someone she’d once known who had died and his consciousness had been uploaded to the screen.

They had found the chemical in people’s brains that made them dream and were trying to harness it so that they could give people the ability to control their dreams, but the face’s experiments had failed thus far.

Me? I was sat on the woman’s lap and feeling pretty excited. Partly because they were talking about something that essentially solved a problem I’d had with a book I’m writing in real life, and partly because I was sat on the pretty woman’s lap.

There was also a bit with an advert for The Apprentice, where it showed clips of people (but not their faces) and voiceovers of the candidates and Lord Sugar. It said the new series was on next week, so I text Gush in excitement and told him.

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