The cheating Cho

I was in an English class at school and as the teacher began, he was interrupted by a growl. We all turned and saw that Animal from the Muppets was there. At first it was just him, but then we could see a hispanic guy controlling and voicing him.

In the lesson, we had to come up with a tongue twister like the example of “rubber baby bugger bumper”. While the others were doing that, I got chatting to puppeteer about the elements song (where the singer sings a list of elements to the tune of Modern Major General) and other fast songs. I really wanted to ask him about getting into the industry, but not right away. Sadly we never got round to that subject.

Later in the dream, I had not long broken up with Cho Chang (from Harry Potter) and had now just started dating a girl called Jessica. We sat together at lunch, with two other guys, and were chatting and laughing. Later, I was walking past a room and saw Cho slouched on a sofa looking sad, so I went and sat down next to her. We spoke a bit and I was tired, so I closed my eyes. I felt Cho kiss me, but I quickly told her no, I was with Jessica now.