The cloakroom

I was with Wonder Woman and Hulk fighting bad guys and running through the streets tracking down these little boxes with flashing lights that we had to destroy. Once we’d got them all, we climbed a building and then had the make a big jump to get to a flying ship. I hopped on Wonder Woman’s back and said it’d be safer because she could fly, but she said she couldn’t fly, she could just leap long distances. We just about made it, managing to somehow bounce off a thin layer of cloud in the sky.

In the ship, we walked around chatting for a bit. I saw a cloakroom and wanted to leave some of my stuff there. I was now with Gush and Mike, deciding what to leave. I didn’t want to leave my camera, as it was too expensive and I might need it, so I ended up just leaving a packet of tissues and some other useless bits from my coat pocket.

We then went off and I went to karate. My mother was taking the class and we were all sat behind desks, 2 to a desk. She told one kid off behind me for being noisy, chatting to the kid behind him. The kid he’d been chatting to then purposely made a noise to get him in trouble. Mom said they should be more like another kid that was sat one row to my left, who had been in the war. He didn’t look old enough to have been in war, as he was only in his mid teens. Mom then told the war kid to sit back in the seat next to me.

After the class, I was talking to Mike and realised that we’d forgotten to get our stuff from the cloakroom. We told gush and said we’d have to go tonight as we had to get the train back at 4am in the morning. It was a 2 hour drive to the hotel and it was late, so we discussed whether the stuff was worth going back for. The general consensus was that it wasn’t, so we just left it.