The couple at the log cabin

I had a dream last night in which I was on holiday with my boss, Dave. It was a retreat kind of place with a log cabin next to a beach. I seem to remember we couldn’t get a train to where we were going, so we’d decided to stop there for the night.

There was a show going on at the beach, so we had a wander down. A man and woman were in the sea doing gymnastics. Some people had gone into the sea to get a closer view, so I joined them. At the end of the show, the man held the woman up in front of the setting sun. It was a beautiful image, so I wanted to get a photo of it. I pulled my phone out and managed to snap a couple of photos before he put her down. By this point, the tide had come up and the water was now up to my waist, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to put my phone back in my trouser pocket. I checked the phone to look at the photo and couldn’t find it. I think it was on there, but it didn’t look how it had looked in real life (well, real life in the dream) so I struggled to see it.

Meanwhile, a young guy and a slightly older woman had snuck off to a room for a bit of private fun. The guy sat down while the woman locked the door and then climbed on top of him. He told her to take her top off, but she just unbuttoned a few of the buttons (keeping my dreams clean). I remember she as blonde with vivid red lips. They had a packet of strawberry flavoured jelly sweets to help them perform, but she purposely hadn’t taken hers. She became a bit dizzy and climbed off the guy. He went over to the table where the sweets were and picked up a comic. He showed her some of the pages to cheer her up a bit.

Later, I was on a buss. I couldn’t remember where I was going – I kept saying home or Sutton – but I eventually remembered and told the driver I was going to Broad Street. He said with a wink to check the machine in the toilet at the back, as the machine at the front was ‘having trouble’. I went to the toilet and found the machine had printed me a ticket for a fare that was cheaper than it would normally be. I thanked the driver and asked him what time it was. He said it was 6:30am. It was at this point I heard my alarm (in real life) and before I woke up I thought “His watch must be slow.”

Then I woke up.

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