The critique

The only thing I remember about last night’s dream is that I was going through a magazine I’d designed at work. This is a magazine I’ve designed in real life, but most of the articles in this issue I’d not done in real life. I was quite critical of my work, mainly because a lot of it was illegible. For instance, I’d done the opening paragraph of one article as a bunch of words in different fonts and then a few lines of the copy coming from it to form a smoke cloud. It looked okay on first glance, but the different fonts and weird shape made it impossible to read. There were a couple of articles I did like the layout of though. These were ones I’d done in real life for the magazine.

Oh! I’ve just remembered as I’m typing this that there was another bit in the dream where I was at the NEC. I can’t remember what happened there though, so it’s not that exciting.

There was also a bit where a load of rubbish had fallen out of the bin because I’d stacked it up too high. I came in to find my mother picking it up and she had a go at me for throwing away uneaten food.

Good job really, otherwise this post would’ve had no tags.

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