The Elephant in the Room

I was sitting strumming on the guitar and thought it sounded quite nice, but I didn’t have any ideas for lyrics. I looked through my old notes and came across an idea for a song about talking to the metaphorical elephant in the room and asking him to leave. I thought this was a neat idea, but when I wrote the lyrics I changed it to being more sympathetic with the elephant.

The chorus line – I think it’s time address the human in the room – sounds more philosophical than it was intended. In reality, it was going to be ‘the elephant in the room’ but they syllables didn’t fit the rhythm, so I changed it to ‘human’. However, I’ve since thought about it and realised that it makes some sense. Rather than everyone worrying about the elephant in the room, we should turn to the humans and address why it’s a taboo topic and how it can be resolved. That’s my interpretation anyway.

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