The end of the world blackout

I was watching a film in which Chris Pratt’s character was being chased by a policeman who caught him. He was then sent in part of a mission on a space station. They had to deliver a rubber duck to a man called Sebastian (played by Kevin Bacon) in order to stop him somehow. A woman (played by January Jones, there was a real x-men vibe in this dream) had the duck and tried to sneakily give it to him. But something happened and he didn’t take it. He needed to take it willingly in order for the plan to work.

There was then a bit where the film kind of became real. Sebastian’s plan succeeded and he was able to target the Earth. Hurricanes started to happen, destroying cities. The news reported that unless the space station could be stopped by 25th July (one week) the world would end.

I noticed outside that because of the hurricanes, the stars were now clearly visible, with thousands of them in the sky. I took photos and called mom over to look, but she said she was busy cooking. By the time she got there, people had started letting off fireworks in the street and the clouds of dust masked the sky. People were being hit with fireworks and knocked unconscious. The streets had turned to chaos, with people firing fireworks at each other and looting shops.

The next day, houses were abandoned, as though they’d been hit by bombs, with the windows missing and the rooms emptied. Some of them had been painted black all over the brickwork.

I noticed people going around painting the houses black. I asked them why and a man said because the world was ending and there were blackouts, there was no need for colours, so they were painting them black.

By this point I was panicking about the world ending, as it seemed likely. The news reported more hurricanes and natural disasters across the world.

Mom and I went outside and someone came and painted our house. I asked them to leave one of the windows clear so we could see the stars, and they did. I found a note taped to our wall saying that someone had been and fixed a limescale issue on our house. They said it had taken them hours and left their contact details. I showed mom and said it was pointless sending them anything as thank you – with only a few days left to live they wouldn’t get it in time – but if the world didn’t end then we should.

My brother, Lee, was outside helping someone fix something to do with cars. They asked him to test some oil, so he drilled into the small orange can and did something to test it.

The world was descending into chaos now, accepting the fate that the world might end. I remembered I was in a dream and tried to wake up. I woke up (still in the dream) and I hadn’t dreamt it, it was still real and happening (within the dream).

Nan and grandad came to our house and grandad explained they’d moved into a retirement home type place. Nan was supposed to have had a bird as a pet, but with everybody being busy with the world ending, she didn’t have one yet.

I felt scared and sad, messaging my friends and telling them how much they meant to me. Even though there was a chance the world wouldn’t end, it didn’t feel likely.

The prime minister said she was going to make first contact with any aliens. She’d offer them music and other items, and if they showed any kind of hostility, they’d attack straight away. I discussed this with mom. “What? What if they don’t communicate the same way we do? What if we accidentally offend them? And attacking first could start a war. We should wait and see what they do.”

All the shops and businesses were now shut. I heard someone complaining about Greggs being shut, saying people loved their Greggs and needed it. I was more worried about how we were going to get food with everywhere closed and our cupboards running dry. Would it be rationing like during the war? It certainly felt like wartime.

Back home, we saw a woman outside. I thought she was a woman come to see Zeta for something, but it turned out she was just handing out leaflets. She looked scared, so I let her come in and sit in the hallway for a while. I asked if she was okay and had somewhere to stay. She said she did and left shortly after. I then got a call to say our application for a Sunday dinner at a local meal delivery company had been accepted, so we’d be getting a roast dinner on Sunday.

I eventually woke up from this dream and even now I feel a little scared by it.