The four columns

In one bit, Earth was under attack from a being with incredible powers. Wonder Woman needed to protect her mother, so she flew her up high, way past the clouds to a secret set of houses in the sky on clouds. She then lowered her down just below one and somehow made her suspended there, slightly out of sync with time so she became invisible. She then came back down to fight.

In another part I was living with my old friend Josh and our dad. It was a northern, working class kinda house. We both liked music and played guitar, but our dad wasn’t keen on us doing so. On this day he went out to work, so I went and got my guitar. As I was walking back to the house, I heard someone playing Peggy Sue and remembered another song I’d heard with a woman’s name as the title with a similar tone, so I started trying to write a similar song with another girl’s name.

I came back home with my guitar and a book of chords. Josh grabbed his guitar and started playing, but then we saw dad coming outside the window, so we put the our guitars back and I threw the book down just in time. He came in and I asked him how work had been, he said it had been good.

Josh and I then went to return our guitars. We each had an area of land with 4 huge columns in, as high as two lampposts and the shape of a curved rectangle. Mine had a yellow strip on them and his had red. These were where we store our things.

I asked him what each of his were got. He said music, steelwork, welding and songwriting. I suggested he change it round so he kept the songwriting stuff in the column next to the music column, like I had done. He agreed it was a good idea and went to move his songwriting stuff. I said he’d have to visit my studio (column) soon. He went to take a glass of water, but I stopped him because it was mine. I knew it was mine because it had a green image printed on it.

In the next part of the dream, I was at a kind of adult climbing frame, but it was a series of puzzles you had to go through and there were multiple paths. You had to climb things, slip through gaps, move things to make a path. Like one thing was a set of stairs but it was upside down, so you had to walk down it backwards. The alternative was a spiral staircase that went down to a lower level.

To get to the last section, you had to go through one of a few gaps, but they were all only big enough for kids, so none of us could continue. I thought I’d found another way, so when my nephew Max – who was apparently also too big to fit through the gaps – looked over and said we couldn’t get through, I said “Oh that’s a shame” and slipped down onto a lower level and through a gap in the wall. I then realised I couldn’t get through to the final room after all so I came back out through the gap, but I couldn’t get back up to the other level because the area was too tight and there wasn’t room to lift my hands to climb out. I panicked, because I hate tight spaces. I called for someone to come and help me out, but I woke up instead, still panicking a bit.