The Free Puppet

In last night’s dream, I was on a coach going on a trip with my grandparents. There were about 20 others on the coach too, mostly friends of my nan. I realised on the way that I’d forgotten to print off the hotel reservation, so when we got to the hotel, everyone just scrambled up to the reception and were all shouting names at her.

I ended up in a room with Goodwin, who just happened to be staying in the same hotel. My phone was broken – a crack on the screen – and also needed charging, so I put it on charge. While it was charging, I went to the beach and sat on a wall (made up of rocks) watching people. As I was sitting there, a bike and a blue mini rode by on the beach. Once they’d gone, a girl sat next to me and started copying all my actions (something I like to do in real life). After a while I got fed up and got a taxi home – not to the hotel, back home. The driver was one that I get regularly with the taxi company we use. He’s a really nice guy and we often have a chat and a laugh.

​We stopped off at Boots because he wanted to get some paracetamol. While he was getting that, I had a look in the baby section to get a toy for Max. I didn’t find one that I liked, so I went to the entrance to wait for the taxi driver. On the way, I saw a stand by the till with some puppets in. They included Wallace & Gromit, Wonder Woman and some sort of duck. They were all priced £5.86, reduced from £9.57. The driver also saw them and decided to buy the Gromit one, but when the woman at the till scanned it nothing came up. They couldn’t find it on the system and so he couldn’t buy it. I had been looking at a green puppet and said to them “Aww, I was going to give you money for this.” to which a woman kindly said “Have it on me for nothing.” so I thanked her and then made the puppet say thank you.

We left and I told the driver what had happened. He was annoyed cos I got a free puppet and he couldn’t buy his.

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