The gaming expo

My friend Nadine and I were going to a gaming expo
We walked down the road, then crossed over and started walking back down
I asked why
Nadine said we’d passed the place
I asked “Why not just walk back?”
she said “We’re going back round in a circle.”
Before we crossed the busy road, Nadine pulled her scarf over my eyes
“Oh thanks,” I said “I cross the road better when I can’t see.”
She took it off and we crossed the road
She went through the double doors and I got stuck as one opened one inwards and the one opened outwards
Nadine looked back so I pretended to be stuck to make her laugh, which she did
I then went into the hotel

We went into the place, which was a big hotel
There was an advert about doing a sponsored skydive, but you had to pay £1,700 to hire the parachute
While Nadine filled in our names, I started scratching the back of a piece of card
I noticed it sounded like an old record, with singing at different pitches
I heard a guy talking to the woman running it about his plans for his charity music video entry
He wanted to do an animated video, but hadn’t got any further than ‘the guitar is animated’
I asked Nadine if she’d thought about her video for her song
She said she hadn’t
I said “Don’t worry, if she asks, I’ll make something up.”

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