The GDPR dream

In last night’s dream, the family was all at our house. My Grandad was looking sad. He was hungry, but he’d removed his false teeth, so he couldn’t eat anything. I suggested soup and he said, “Everybody always says soup.”
So I said, “Yeah, but we’ve got lots of flavours.”

However, I checked the cupboard and there was only one tin of chicken soup left, Mother had eaten the rest. I said, “I swear we had three tins of french onion soup.”

In the end, I made him some mac and cheese. While I was cooking it, he wondered off outside. When it was ready, I went to get him but couldn’t find him anywhere. Eventually, I found him inside at the bottom of the stairs and he was very upset. My nan came in to see what the matter was. He said he was worried about GDPR – a new legal thing regarding data protection. Nan said to him, “Just be yourself.” This was pointless advice. I explained to Grandad that GDPR was mainly for businesses and wouldn’t affect him. He didn’t seem to know what it was, so I explained it all to him based on an animation I’d recently done at work in real life.

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