The hotels

I was on holiday abroad in some European country and staying in a nice hotel. Halfway through the trip I changed to another hotel.

On the last day, I went out somewhere and then got a taxi back to the hotel to get my things. However, I went to the first hotel by mistake and they obviously didn’t have it. So I just left and got a flight home.

I called the taxi and asked him to go to the second hotel. I then realised that I was no longer there, so it was pointless. But then I remembered Mike was in the same country on holiday, so I called him and asked him to go by the second hotel and pick my things up. I described the case and its contents so he’d be able to verify it was mine.

He went to the hotel and got my case, then called me to ask what he should do with it. I said to just hold onto it for now and bring it back home with him.